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Why Medicinal Aromatherapy

Jan 3, 2022

Essential oils have gained tremendous popularity over the last several years. You can't go to a natural minded website or group without reading about favorite recipes and protocols working with essential oils, and probably someone trying to sell you their favorite multi-level marketing brand (or warn you about their evils). For those that are looking for something richer, we give the opportunity to go deeper into this powerful multi-dimensional medicine.

Intuitive Medicinal Aromatherapy is about learning to listen to the voices and ancient wisdom of the plants and trees to facilitate our own healing abilities. It is about understanding that we are not separate from nature but one with it, and when we become attuned to our divine nature and oneness with the natural world we can recognize and heal any disharmony within us, and assist others in doing the same.

The curriculum (Wisdom of the Earth Certification Program) has practical information including a section on the anatomy, as well as safety, and applications. The basics are in there. This course is really packed with all levels of understanding aromatherapy. However, we go beyond that common way of thinking about essential oils and connect with the vibration and Wisdom of the Earth and Cosmos. We learn to trust our own voices and intuition as we navigate our journey on the planet during this transformational time. We learn how to go beyond the physical issues presenting themselves and tune in to their root causes. This is where basic protocols often lose their ability to assist us. It's not about upgrading your medicine cabinet, exchanging a pharmaceutical remedy for a natural one, it's about rethinking why and where our physical, emotional, and spiritual imbalances come from. Look at digestive issues, though we have many oils that can assist the digestive system I have never offered the same oil suggestions when clients have presented this complaint, because we treat a whole person, not a symptom.