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Weekly Live Online Classes

Join us Wednesday Nights for meditations, discussions, anointments, and connections to support your physical, emotional & spiritual well being. Beyond common aromatherapy, we allow the voices of the plants & trees to guide us into deeper understanding of ourselves. Each session is unique and contains elements from the practical to sacred, often including light movement & breath work. The series is interconnected and each session further explores aspects touched upon in others.

Recordings available upon request.

Self anointing kits may be purchased separately.

Special rates on single bottles.


We will work with one set of oils through out the month, to further deepen our relationship with them. 

As always, oil purchases are not required for participation, use what you have.

We will be working with Rosemary Cineole, Ocean Pine, Elemi, Myrrh, Yasi Sandalwood, Gum Weed, US Peppermint, Rosewood, Tangerine, and a bonus option of White Lotus.

September Registration Options
September Registration Options For WOTE Students and Graduates
Weekly Payment Option, including shipping

Special Scholarship Available for those that need some financial assistance, and would like to participate. 

This is a one time option, with limited availability. Reduced rate of $11 per week for 5 weeks.

This includes all September sessions, and 3 or 4 oils from this month's kit (amounts may be smaller), chosen intuitively and optional input from participant. Click on the subscribe button below for this option.

For options that include immersive certification course click here

Ala Carte Options, including special pricing on single bottles

Single sessions are $12

Single Session Registration
Ocean Pine
Peppermint, US
Rosemary, cineole
Sandalwood, Yasi
Gum Weed
White Lotus
Shipping Options

September 2


When we allow ourselves to surrender to our hearts, higher self, and source we can free ourselves of the burdens we carry through our live holding us back and weighing us down. This session will include restorative yoga.

September 9


Water is the life blood of the planet. Water is the divine feminine, holds emotions, facilitates movement, transforms, cleanses, creates, quenches our thirst, and reflects all aspects of our being. Water holds the wisdom of that which it has felt.

September 16


As we approach the autumnal equinox we will take time to find balance within, between the ethereal and the physical, the masculine and feminine, and between the shadow and the light. 

September 23


Exercises and oils to help us find focus through out our days, and as we navigate our paths.

September 30

Light Language

Special guest, creator of The Mists That Assist, and Wisdom of the Earth certification program graduate, Sherri Nelson will discuss light language, share a transmission. Session participants will have the opportunity to receive their own written light language with help of essential oil anointment of gum weed.