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Weekly Live Online Classes

Join us Wednesday Nights for meditations, discussions, anointments, and connections to support your physical, emotional & spiritual well being. Beyond common aromatherapy, we allow the voices of the plants & trees to guide us into deeper understanding of ourselves. Each session is unique and contains elements from the practical to sacred, often including light movement & breath work. The series is interconnected and each session further explores aspects touched upon in others.

Recordings available upon request.

Self anointing kits may be purchased separately.

Special rates on single bottles.

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 July Week 5

Bonus session on essential oil rituals to do through out the day. 

Complementary with any oil, class, or private session purchase during the month of July, including registering for August sessions.

August Sessions

If you are unable to make it to the live class you will receive the recording by that Friday.

August 5


Receive and practice tools to assist you in replenishing your mental & physical energy. Session will include breath work, and gentle but invigorating yoga sequence that can be done anytime and anywhere to give you a quick boost.

Oils include Scotch Pine, Atlas Cedarwood, & White Grapefruit

If you are unable to make it to the live class you will receive the recording by August 7.

Register for Replenish  $10

replenish kit
Scotch Pine
White Grapefruit
Altas Cedarwood
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August 12

Addressing Anger

Receive and practice tools to allow you to address anger issues we hold within us. Anger can stem from many sources, and taking the time to learn how to peel back the layers allows us to confront them and move forward.


Oils include: Jasmine Grandiflorium (special price on sambac available as well), Ginger Lily, & Rose & Sage Hydrolats

If you are unable to make it to the live class you will receive the recording by August 14.

Register for Anger Class Only $10

anger kit
Jasmine, Grand (Egyptian)
Ginger Lily
White Sage Hydrolat
Rose Hydrolat
Jasmine, Sambac (India)
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August 19

Lunar Rhythms 

This session occurs on day 2 of the lunar cycle, the New Moon, and will explore how to observe all of the cycles of the moon throughout the month, and year. Including the dark moon, black moons, and blue moons. Our bodies our mostly water, and just like the Earth's oceans we are effected by the moon, learning about how to listen to our bodies and move with her rhythms allows to be in further harmony with ourselves.

Oils include: Amyris & Artemisa Vulgaris (Titapati)

Addressing anger oil kit is also excellent for working with the Lunar cycle. If you are doing this as a single class, I highly recommend ordering those as well.

If you are unable to make it to the live class you will receive the recording by August 21.

Register for Lunar Rhythms Only

Lunar Rhythms Kit
Artemisia, Vulgaris

August 26

Respiratory Support

As fall approaches, and continued concerns about our respiratory health surface, we will be discussing, how to 

support our immune system with an emphasis on respiratory health and ailments.  There are many oils that can assist in keeping our lungs clear and strong. 

Oils to be discussed include: eucalyptus mint(sub-species not a blend), ravintsara, rosemary hi-camphor, fir balsam, the lavender family, thyme borneol, oregano & artemisa annua

Kit 1 includes eucalyptus mint, rosemary hi-camphor, & fir balsam

Kit 2 includes ravintsara, thyme borneol, & artemisa annua

Or purchase any or all of the above at discounted rate. Contact [email protected] for additional guidance in selection.

If you are unable to make it to the live class you will receive the recording by August 28.

Register for Respiratory Support Only 

Respiratory Kit 1
Respiratory Kit 2
Eucalyptus Mint (Dives)
Fir Balsam
Rosemary, hi camphor
Artemisia annua
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September classes will include 

the element of water, balance, & standing strong through adversity