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Celebrate this holiday season by anointing yourself and loved ones with sacred oils from Wisdom of the Earth. Each case contains a card with a short anointing ritual, and descriptions of the oils included.

Seasonal Anointing Kit

Single Oil Special Pricing for December

Frankincense, Bowellia carterii
Myrrh, Commiphora myrrha
Nutmeg, Myristica fragans
Geranium, Pelargonium graveolens
Siberian Silver Fir Needle, Abies alba

Winter Solstice Anointing Oils

Frankincense - known throughout the millennia  for her healing powers. She connects us to our higher selves and to source. She assists with ascension and balancing the crown chakra.  Often put on the third eye during meditation and prayer, she is also amazing on the legs and feet to bring what is happening in the ethereal realms to be fully integrated with  the body. Physically she is known for immunity boosting abilities, and as an anti-viral. 

Myrrh - familiar partner to frankincense, myrrh helps create a balance between heaven and earth. She allows us to fully come into our bodies and walk our purpose. She is thick and beautiful, helping us speak and do what it is we came to do. A Magdalene oil. Physically she assists the thyroid, cools, and boosts the immune system. Use on the throat, 3rd eye, or sacral areas.

Nutmeg - a seed to connect to the internal light that bridges death and life. She assists in shedding the old to make space for the new, Physically she is a wonderful support of the digestive system.

Geranium - connects the light with in to the light of source. She is assists us honoring the light that is born from the dark womb. She lifts our spirits and sooths our emotions. Physically she assists the hormones and is another antiviral.

Siberian Silver Fir Needle - allows us to breath in the light of transformation. Her gentle wisdom allows to feel safe and nurtured as we do our work to continually grow and evolve ready for the next stage. She is very grounding. Physically she is wonderful for respiratory issues, an antiviral, and general immune system support.