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In Person Workshop October 28, 2023

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After millennia of the divine feminine being silenced and oppressed the time has come for the divine feminine and divine masculine to be seen as equal. In order to for this to happen we must reconnect with our divine feminine nature. Lilith is the face of Gaia and the Divine Feminine within all of us that is demanding to be witnessed and healed.

Lilith invites us to explore our intrinsic instincts by releasing the conditioning in the mind to the wisdom of the body, opening ourself up to greater self awareness and acceptance. 

Our bodies are the vessels that we have been given by the Mother Earth to learn and explore this planet. It is critical for our human experience to listen to the unfiltered messages from our bodies as that is the part of us that is in direct connection and inseparable from the Earth herself.

We are constantly bombarded with messaging from society that our bodies are wrong. This creates fear and distrust of the body, and the natural world from which it was created. This lack of connection with the signals of our physical body can become lodged within us as physical, emotional, and spiritual distress.

Working with the energy of Lilith we are able to confront and free ourselves from the programming we have received allowing us to tune in directly to the intrinsic knowledge within the body without guilt or shame. 

The energy of Lilith is a primal force within us that needs to be seen and heard. She needs to be free from the confinement that is placed on us by a society that wants to shame our physical needs and instincts. When feeling trapped she can become enraged to fight for her sovereignty. She can also become so filled with guilt or fear of being judged she shuts down all together. We may find ourselves moving between these fight, flight, and freeze stances in different situations when we are not able to express ourselves. 

Creating safe spaces to listen to our bodies through meditation and breathwork is a critical component to allow this part of us to come forward and be healed. This allows for the vulnerability required to witness and begin to release the pains that have caused us to ignore our instincts and the messages we receive from our bodies. 

The Lilith archetype is a way to understand the most primal part of us and how to integrate it and accept it as a part of us. Working to establish greater trust and acceptance of our bodies we are able to be guided by them and ultimately take responsibility for how, where, and when we express our needs. 

Our Liliths can often be felt through unexpressed rage that suddenly boils to the surface. It is essential that we see this as a tool of self-awareness. Rage is a way for our body to demand change and we must address it and honor it to prevent it from taking over our actions, or festering in the body creating an environment for a multitude of physical and emotional health repercussions to take hold.

We can see the energy of Lilith in our astrological charts and know where we need to break free from the conditioning that our bodies and our instincts are wrong by looking at the placement of True Black Moon Lilith (most online calculators will provide the Mean Black Moon Lilith). Black Moon Lilith is the point of the moon's orbit that is furthest from the Earth. This point oscillates making it's movements seem erratic.  The mean takes an average point to create something that is more consistent.  The mean can be as much as 30 degrees different from the true or oscillating BML. To find the true black moon Lilith use object h13. Click here for tutorial on how to look it up. 

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Movement Practice

Over the course of the Lilith Embodied Workshop we tuned into different aspects of her energy through meditations, discussion, and movement. This included several waves of music for free form embodied movement.  

Below is essentially a highlight reel made into a single 35minute wave. Use that or your own playlist with the following guidance. You'll find additional waves of music for embodied movement on my Spotify account. 

Start in a seated position with a straight back. Put one hand on the heart & one on the belly. 

Say I am safe and I am whole. 

Call in the wisdom of the divine feminine & Gaia through Lilith.

Envision roots reaching from your feet, legs, and base of your spine into the Earth, breathing in her unconditional love and feeling her support. Exhaling and releasing, pains, fears, & expectations through those roots.

Slowly allow movement, tuning into the body as you feel that strong foundation below you. 

As the music builds begin making more intentional movements, tuning into what it feels like to be sovereign, to take a stand and claim your independence. 

Allow any feelings of anger, fear, or of being trapped to be expressed and shaken loose as the music continues to build. 

Use vocalizations with your exhales.

As you feel release, allow yourself to create space for compassion for yourself and whatever feelings come up. 

Continue to slow down and relax into stillness and unconditional self-love and acceptance. 

Close by showing gratitude toward yourself and our Mother Earth. 

For additional resources and understanding of Lilith I recommend the extensive work of Evolutionary Astrologer and Channel Tom Jacobs. Learn more about this unique approach to Lilith and check out his True Black Lilith by house and sign on his YouTube channel.  I am working on several offerings to expand what he has started. His work is a great start to understanding this approach and how the archetype shows up in our lives. Most other content I have encountered does not resonate as well and tends to focus on it as a negative.  It was through these videos that I began to understand myself as a Lilith person.