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Liberation from Obligation

This has been a huge theme for me going deeper and deeper into what unconditional love and detachment feel like. It is by no means an easy journey. I fought hard to get here, but I am done fighting. Detaching from the expectations of others, from the outcomes of what we do, from lifetimes of conditioning is not a simple task. Even the simplest things that I have taken responsibility for in my life are open to be revisited. I am more open to the present. Asking the question "What feels right in this moment." has replaced all of the shoulds and should nots. When I am clear in what I need the path to receive is much clearer. When my needs are met I have so much more room to give!

Everyone knows, you can't pour from an empty cup, and that we must put on our own oxygen masks before assisting others. But when we don't even really understand what fills our cups, or where the oxygen masks are, we go back to fulfilling our perceived obligations on empty until we have nothing left for anyone. This is where taking time to really get to know ourselves takes priority, It also means that we we need to give ourselves permission to try things and have them not be a good fit.

I am a person that needs regular doses of complete isolation to be able to know myself. I have a support team of a few trusted friends and mentors that I go to for help in changing perspectives, but I need to process on my own, away from others. Others may need to gather with like minded folks on a regular basis to process and gain new insights to further their personal growth. There is no right or wrong, and there is no obligation to do any of it. I do emphasize ultimately you need to do your own work, because there is no magic pill or workshop that will do the work for you, everything is a tool for deeper understanding of self, but what that actually looks like is completely unique to you. You cannot compare yourself to others or even to other versions of yourself.

Asking who am I in this moment, and not judging it. That's where the bulk of the work comes in. How do I love myself and others unconditionally? There are a million tangents I can take this topic on, and I have and will continue to do so. My point here though is when we know who we are, we can release the obligations we have taken on, and instead of feeling overwhelmed by our duties we are free to give and help in a way that is truly in alignment with our soul's path. Try asking yourself when you feel overwhelmed by responsibility, "is it true" "is it mine" We all have responsibilities in life that are true and necessary, as a mother of 3 there are things I cannot simply brush off. There are responsibilities I take on with them that others may not understand, and there are things I let go that others may make a priority. Only you can decide which is which.

Essential oils from flowering tops helping us find wholeness are great. Rosemarys for remembering who we are, Lavenders for releasing burdens and finding calm, Hyssop for letting things go, and Basils will help us access and release what has come through from other lifetimes.