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Gemini is quick thinking and curious about everything. Gemini has the very unique ability to learn new things and change their minds. This may seem flaky or wishy-washy to some but to me it's a welcome and much needed perspective on life. This moving quickly between possibilities is part of the reason Gemini is know for it duality, as they know there is never just one way to do things so they may embody seemingly opposite positions. Ruled by Mercury, Gemini is known for it communication abilities, and loves to talk about all of the different things they are learning about, as well as gathering information. Mercury also rules Virgo, but in Virgo we see more of the quick analytic side of this planet, than the chatty side. Whether you have a strong Gemini presence in your natal chart or we are collectively experiencing Gemini transits, learn to move with the winds and follow your curiosity to new possibilities.  

Catching Your Breath

 So many of us have to be doing something all the time. Even when we are relaxing we are often doing something. First thing in the morning, before you check the clock, before you get out of bed, take the time to find your breath. Feel the air moving in and out of your lungs. Watch and feel as the chest expands and contracts, rising and falling, creating space, and opening the heart. Take that moment with you as you move through the day. Look for the pauses, and create clear starts and stops. Close your eyes, touch your hand to your heart, and breathe into the pauses. 

Anoint the head, heart, and throat as to connect our words with our thoughts, and to always always be in alignment with our soul's purpose.

Ho wood quiets the over active mind, gives clarity, and provides stability in the heart.

Spearmint brings lightness and focus.

The Cypress trees, move with the air and dance in the wind, reminding us that we can be flexible and strong at the same time.

Our oils from blue plants work on the throat charka, one of the domains of Gemini.