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Moon Cycles 

The moon takes approximately 27 days to move through the zodiac, spending about 2 1/2 days in each sign. It takes 29.5 days to move through all of it's phases. The energy of the new moon, when the sun and moon are together in the same sign is carried throughout the waxing growing phase, and the full moon when they are in opposite signs is carried through the waning/diminishing phase. Plus we will experience whatever sign the moon is actually in, and any connections it makes with the positions of the planets in our birth chart, and in the sky. These are generally quick little pings, and not life changing occurrences.  Following these daily changes though is a great way to get to know your birth chart.

By the time the moon has made a complete orbit around the Earth  and completed all of the phases of the cycle, the Earth has moved in it's orbit around the Sun and the new moon is generally in the next sign.

Blue Moons are when we experience 2 full moons in the same month or 4 full moons in one season, these will always be in different signs.

Black Moons are when we experience 2 new moons in the same month or 4 new moons in one season, these will always be in different signs. (do not confuse this with Black Moon Lilith which is the furthest point of the Moon's orbit of the Earth at any given point)  

Essential Oil Companions for all phases

The element of water and the color white are closely associated with the moon, and there are several to choose from. Sandalwood from the South Pacific brings with her the island wisdom and the ebb and flow of the tides. Jasmine's white flowers permeate the night air when they are in bloom reminding us of our strength and sensuality.  All of the Lotus blossoms can assist in working with the moon. White Lotus holds a special place with her soft wisdom, this sacred flower grows in the water and shines bright white in the moonlight.  Mugwort moves stagnant energy and reminds us that we are constantly moving through our own cycles. Ocean Pine reminds us to breathe and give ourselves strong roots as we move through the changes in our lives. 

Dark Moon - New Moon

Inner Focus

Day 27, 28, 1

The moon cycle starts when the moon and the sun are in the same spot in the sky,  because of this we cannot see the moon at all on this day, and why the 3 days between the end of the previous moon cycle and the beginning of the new moon cycle are called the dark moon. 

This is the most potent time of the cycle to connect with our higher selves and guides. Use this time to tap into the quiet stillness that brings the wisdom of who we truly are and our path of creation in the physical world.  The sign that the sun and moon are together (conjunct) in will help guide you in your focus of manifestation. During this time our intuition and ego work together as one to bring attention to what we need most. The energy of the conjunction of the sun and moon  or what is commonly referred to as the "new moon" continues to feed our desires for creation for the following 2 weeks, and then for the next 6 months when there is a full moon in the same sign as the new moon you are focusing on in this phase. (ie if the sun and moon are conjunct in Aries at the new moon, there will be a full moon in Aries in 6 months when the Sun is in Libra)

New Moon - Early Waxing Crescent

Inner Focus

Day 2 & 3

When the first sliver of the moon appears just after sunset, we get our first glimpse of the new moon. It is important to note however that astrologically the moon has often already moved out of the sign that it was in when it was conjunct the sun, and the energy of the moon has shifted, assisting us and giving us the tools to create what we desire. This is where the energy begins to build and we plant the seeds and move our intentions from thoughts and desires into action in the physical world.

Essential Oil Companions for Waxing Phase

The new moon is a time to plant the seeds of that which we want to manifest in to our physical reality.  As the moon continues to grow we want to nourish what we are creating so it can grow. Anoint the belly to activate the sacral, and the heart to get in touch with your deepest desires. 

Green Cardamom a seed that opens the heart and energizes

Nutmeg a seed that nourishes the sacral helping us create

Red Spruce‚Äč assists in knowing and manifesting our passions

Waxing Crescent

Inner Focus

Day 4,5, & 6

We continue to nurture our desires allowing them to grow and take a more tangible shape.

First Quarter and Waxing Gibbous

Outer Focus

Days 7-12

This is where we shift our energy from inward to outward. Our seeds of manifestation are reaching out to connect with others and the world around us to gather the resources we need to continue to grow.

At the first quarter moon, we can see the moon directly over head at sunset, and is visible during the daylight in the afternoon.

Full Moon

Outer Focus

Days 13 & 14

This is the culmination of the work we have done, both from the current 2 week cycle, and from the previous new moon in the sign of this full moon, which would have been approximately 6 months prior. This is a time of joy and celebration of reaching the apex.  The sun and moon are now exactly opposite each other, in opposite signs. During this time our attention will be drawn to what isn't working. It is  an opportunity to reconcile the differences between what our intuition is drawn to and our self-identity/ego is trying to achieve. It is a time to acknowledge what doesn't feel right and release it.

At the full moon in the evening we see the moon rising in the east as the sun sets in the west

Essential Oil Companions for the Full Moon

Grapefruit the fullness of this juicy fruit reminds of our own abundance.

White Sage clears our energy field and leads us home

Hyssop pushes us to forgive and let go, as she reminds us of our wholeness

Waning Gibbous

Outer Focus

Days 15 - 20

We are invited to slow down but continue to connect with others and the world around us as we actively release around our intentions set at the full moon. 

The moon is first visible later and later into the night.

Essential Oil Companions for Waning Moon 

As the moon becomes smaller in the night sky she invites us to go within to that quiet place where we can rest and receive. The last quarter moon into the next new moon, sometimes referred to as the dark moon is one of the best times to tune into the cosmos to receive wisdom, allowing it to integrate before the cycle begins again.

Balsam Gurjun softens our edges and quiets the body and mind

Ginger Lily encourages us to slow down and digest our experiences.

Last Quarter Waning Crescent

Inner Focus

Days 21-26

As we move into the final week of the moon cycle we move back inward to allow ourselves to reset and renew. We no longer take an active role in release, but allow for quiet space to surrender to the wisdom of the cosmos and receive the nurturing we need as we continue to shed layers that are not in alignment with our soul's purpose.

The moon is visible after midnight and into the morning hours.

Waning Crescent & Dark Moon

Inner Focus

Days 27 & 28

After having shed and released completely we surrender to complete stillness and the void that is bridge between death at life. Where nothing and everything exist together.  Allowing for the space we need so that we may once again create and attract. Where we can be nourished and fed by our guides, higher-self, and the cosmos that exist within deepest part of our soul, without thought or intention, just awareness.

The last sliver of the moon is visible only just before dawn.