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The sign of cancer invites us to nurture ourselves and others. This is a time to sit with our feelings and allow them to move through us. Cancer is the crab, with hard exterior and soft inside. The crab needs to shed those hard layers on occasion to grow, but when it does it is completely vulnerable to the outside world.  Cancer is often focused on the family, but remember we have the ability to create and define what family looks like for us.  Taurus season invited us to indulge our senses, Cancer season invites us to go deeper into what self care really looks like. It is essential for those with strong  Cancer influences in their charts, and for all of us during cancer to season to feel into what we need to nourish ourselves. Our emotional needs cannot be met if we don't understand what they are and how we can take care of them in our own space and time. We can go to our spiritual family for support, but this is very much about doing our inner work. Letting those feelings happens as they need to.  Having a family support system will both activate our emotions and hold space for us so we can understand ourselves better. 

Cancer Affirmations

I am safe

All of my feelings are valid

I nurture myself