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Katie Shell

Essential Journeying

Love Yourself, Trust Your Body

"You made it look so clear and easy... Describing me as if you knew me better than myself."

Thalia - Marine Biologist, Mexico

Astrology Readings

Empower yourself by better understanding your patterns, challenges, and intrinsic motivations. 

-The positions of the planets when we are born tell us the story of how we are designed to grow during our lifetime. 

- The current planetary positions can give us insight on what is affecting us now.

- Putting them together we can gain greater understanding of where to focus our energy and efforts for our personal growth and best self-care practices.

Done in person or via zoom*.

$65 - 30 minutes

$135 - 60 minutes

$180 - 90 minutes

all live readings may be recorded for your future reference 

purchase a package to receive a discount

-Choose a natal chart reading, focusing on the planetary positions from when you were born to get a complete overview on how you are best suited to act in different areas of your life, what you attract, and your strengths and weaknesses.

-Choose to answer specific questions and concerns regarding areas of your life you are facing challenges in or looking for greater understanding.

-Choose to go deeper into specific aspects of your chart and how they are being influenced by current transits.

-Choose a soul's journey evolutionary astrology reading and focus on what patterns have been established through many lifetimes, and what it is you are here to learn now.

-Choose a solar return reading around your birthday, and gain insight into your upcoming year.


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