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You made it look so clear and easy... Describing me as if you knew me better than myself.

Thalia - Mexico

Katie you are so on point. Thank you for clear clarification and encouragement."

Shelly - Arizona

Empower yourself by better understanding your patterns, challenges, and intrinsic motivations. 

-The positions of the planets when we are born tell us the story of how we are designed to grow during our lifetime. 

- The current planetary positions can give us insight on what is affecting us now.

- Putting them together we can gain greater understanding of where to focus our energy and efforts for our personal growth and best self-care practices.

$75 per 30 minutes for live readings available in person or via zoom

select readings available as recordings at reduced rate 

purchase a package to receive a discount

Readings are always steered by your needs and what comes through from your guides.

Here are some possibilities. 

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The soul's journey readings are based on the visionary work and methodology developed by Evolutionary Astrologer and Channel Tom Jacobs. When I was called to add astrology more consciously to my practice I searched for teachers that resonated with my desire to use astrology as a tool for greater self-awareness, self-love and self-acceptance. In doing so I was drawn repeatedly to Tom's work. Training in this approach to astrology as well as working with him for my personal growth has pushed me to my edges exponentially, clearing many lifetimes of pain and conditioning. I am honored to be able to offer this as a way to support others on their own journeys of personal growth and self-acceptance.