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The fires of Aries ignite our passion, individuality, and warrior spirit. 

Aries invites us to understand and experiment with what excites us. Aries invites to follow our sometimes changing passion from one thing to the next without attachment or need to follow-up or stick to it. 

For many this can be an uneasy energy to work with, but we all have Aries somewhere, pushing us to follow our desires however they appear.  

Let Aries help you stoke your inner fires of courage and vitality to pursue your passion. 

Aries -  Mantras

I have all of the energy I need to pursue my desires.

I am strong with high stamina.

I attain all I desire.

I am assertive.

I trust and act on my instincts.

Aries & Red Pine

Igniting our passions and assisting us in standing up for individual needs & desires.

Anoint the heart and ask, "What do I want right now?"

Anoint the base of the spine and around the belly & solar plexus and say, "I am energized and empowered."