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 Aquarian energy is unconventional, intellectual and humanitarian. This unique combination places Aquarius at the cutting edge of whatever mission they are drawn to. Sometimes misconstrued as cold, Aquarius has the ability to master a healthy detachment. Detachment helps us remember that we can't help others when we take on their drama. If we did we would get pulled into it and fall down together. By staying detached we are much better positioned to offer assistance when needed.  By freeing themselves up from attachment Aquarius is able to be innovative, dancing to the beat of their own drummer to bring new things into this world. 

Aquarius Affirmation

I have a unique vision for the world

Playlist for Embodied Movement Practice 

Start slow moving inward, connecting with the body to the Earth. 

Set intentions around greater authenticity or other Aquarius keywords moving outward. 

As the music peaks shake things loose & back down into the Earth. 

Let spirit lead as music starts to come back down, eventually arriving in stillness.

During the recording of the video I channeled the message that lime is important to help us keep up and stay focused, to be in a place to "receive the highly specialized intellectual downloads that we need to innovate and move into the future with a greater sense of humanitarianism"

Additional Supportive Oils For Aquarius