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We have been provided with an abundance of gifts to assist and support us during this human experience.‚Äč When feeling out of balance we can look to these many tools to bring us back into harmony within ourselves and our world. Our journeys can be viewed like a multi-faceted gemstone, with many ways to gain unique perspectives on our path with simple shifts in understanding. 

Katie assists you on your journey of self-discovery and growth by creating  a safe and compassionate environment for you to explore and understand yourself. She believes that when we push ourselves too hard or too quickly to remove pain and blockages we often miss the things we need to work on the most. However, when we are gentle and allow ourselves to feel safe and worthy of unconditional love, we are able to sit with our pain, feel it, honor it, and move through it. That doesn't mean it's easy, but it is imperative we be easy on ourselves when doing the hard work.

When telling her story Katie often begins with learning to connect with her body at age 12 when she was first introduced to belly dance. As an adult she began teaching Goddess Dance classes, helping women of all ages, shapes, and sizes express themselves through movement. Sharing this love of helping people feel comfortable in their own skin and honor their bodies continues to be a central pillar of her work.  Around 2007 she began working with essential oils from the boutique Sedona based company Wisdom of the Earth for herself and family, freeing herself from several prescription medications, and opening up her intuitive and channeling abilities.  When introduced to 5Rhythms and other forms of embodied movement she was able to take her dance beyond the confines of belly dance and dive deeper in to the awareness that comes from feeling totally free within the body. 

Helping people understand the physical observation of the sky through astronomy as well as astrological patterns have always been a favorite topic.  In college she would hand calculate natal charts for friends and family,  and often incorporated her astrological knowledge in her offerings. In 2020 a voice called her to add astrology more intentionally to her practice, leading her to the visionary work of Evolutionary Astrologer and Channel Tom Jacobs.  Working with him has brought an exponentially greater perspective on how to understand our soul's journey, and what we need to work on most in order to release pain and grow. 

Katie is a relentless seeker of knowledge, and loves to share what she discovers and the worlds of understanding she gains through her unique way of finding patterns and connections.  She lives in Scottsdale, Arizona and is the mother of 3 boys that keep her on her toes and give her on going inspiration on how to integrate all of her work into the 3D world. 

Why the shell logo?

My last name is Shell so  it makes for an easy reminder. However, there is more to it. I chose the spiral shell as it represents our soul's journey, and the paths we take. The spiral reminds us that things always move in cycles, yet we are never in the same place twice. We can follow the path to go deep within and understand ourselves at the most essential level, or we can follow the path outward to expand our understanding of our oneness with the cosmos. The spiral presents us with an infinite amount of space to move deeper inward and expand further outward, and we are invited to move freely between and know that there is always further we can go.

Gratitude & Acknowledgements 

These are the  people I work with on a regular basis

Cynthia Olivera , Wisdom of the Earth Education Director, Author of the Book of Anointing 

Paula Leeper, Medicine Woman and Massage Therapist 

Angela Rose, Human Design, Wisdom of the Earth Practioner

Karen Kolczak, Gems4Life [email protected]

Tom Jacobs, Evolutionary Astrologer/Intuitive Counselor/Channel,  check-out his YouTube videos 

Some additional great resources

Embodied Movement/Dance 

I have attended intensive workshops with all of these amazing women

 https://pathofazul.com/    https://www.jennymacke.com/    https://kateshela.com/



Intuitive Eating