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Providing safe spaces to support you on your journey of personal growth. 

Tune into the intrinsic knowledge within, and open up to the wisdom of the earth & cosmos.

Katie has been passionate about teaching people to love themselves and trust their bodies since 2004. She believes we come into this world with an innate knowing within our bodies, and by learning to listen to our bodies, love ourselves unconditionally and accept ourselves unapologetically we can remove many of the blockages we face. This can be difficult work but it is imperative that we are gentle with ourselves when we are doing it.

Katie supports others in gaining deep awareness on their life journeys through spiritual counseling, intuitive healing, and movement. 

In groups and in one on one settings she creates safe environments and provides guidance for her students and clients to do their essential inner work and move forward to live in alignment with their soul's path and desires.

Master Intuitive Aromatherapist & Teacher for Wisdom of the Earth, Katie connects with the voices of the plants and trees to help convey Mother Earth's message of unconditional love.


Katie is an Evolutionary Astrologer, Reiki Master, & Registered Yoga Teacher. She brings decades of studies in dance and the rhythms of the Earth along with other modalities to her healing and teaching practice.

"Thank you Katie for your love, wisdom and guidance. When you speak it feels as though you're placing flower petals all around me. I feel only love and support when you speak to me. Your voice is like that of a holy anointing, one I didn't know that I deserved. Deep humble bow. " 

- Paula Leeper, Curandera/Traditional Medicine Woman

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